Seven Interrupted Semicylinder / Broken Bridge, or Organ Pipes

Object Number: 2016.023.038

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Curved and straight crease monohedral regular tiling/tessellation with mirrored tile along horizontal axis of interrupted semi cylinders. Folded using a gadget with parabolas and line segments with inverted smooth transitions. The piece is glued in a Lucite white acrylic frame. Along both long edges are pieces of matboard coving the part of the frame left exposed by the piece. The matboard is glued to both the frame and the piece. Along one long edge is a small wooden board, likely to aid with hanging. On the inside of the frame on the lower left side are two labels, one large white one with 20 written in red and a small white one with 39 written on it in black. Included in the 1978 exhibition 'White Paper 1' at the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, Cowell College at UCSC. Fig. 4.4.52 of Dr. Duks Koschitz's Dissertation 'seven interrupted semi cylinders'
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David A. Huffman Collection

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19 3/4 in x 24 in x 3 in
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Gift of the Huffman Family
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"Seven Interrupted Semicylinder / Broken Bridge, or Organ Pipes", Model, Unknown. MIT Museum, Cambridge MA.
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