Insulae Iohannis Mayen Cum universo situ Sinuum et Promontoriorum. Nova Descriptio.

Object Number: AF-MD-K010
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Netherlands, North Holland, Amsterdam
Date Made
Hand-colored nautical chart of the island of Jan Mayen, named after the Dutch sea captain Jan May, who claimed the island for his company and Holland in 1614. The land was used as a whaling base until around 1642, when whales had been hunted to extinction in the surrounding waters. Hence, the map designer includes two scenes of whale hunting in the water. In the north region of the island is its prominent geographical feature, the Beerenberg volcano. The title cartouche is flanked by a pair of whale fishermen, while the scale cartouche at the top is surrounded by putti. The chart includes sounding measurements and rhumb lines. From 'Atlantis Majoris Quinta Pars Orbem Maritimum seu' by Jan Jansson.
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Allan Forbes Collection

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17 1/2 in x 22 in
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"Insulae Iohannis Mayen Cum universo situ Sinuum et Promontoriorum. Nova Descriptio.", Engraving, 1657. MIT Museum, Cambridge MA.
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