Cavity Magnetron, Model CV-56

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glass, wire and metal; three tubes: cathode, two tubes, on one end, and anode, one tube, mounted on grooved cylinder For many years, it was claimed that this piece was found in MIT's building 20 for the Rad Lab 1976 reunion by George Harvey. The manufacturer name in inventory record is Isidor Rabi and Lee A. DuBridge. The magnetron itself is clearly marked CV-56, a very early model manufactured in 1941 by General Electric. It looks very similar to the magnetron being held by E.G. Bowen (British Scientific Mission), I.I. Rabi (Associate Director, MIT Radiation Laboratory) and Lee DuBridge (Laboratory Director) in famous photographs of the three supposedly looking at one of the original 10-cm cavity magnetrons.

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1 3/4 in x 8 in x 4 1/2 in
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"Cavity Magnetron, Model CV-56", Magnetron, 1941. MIT Museum, Cambridge MA.
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